मंगलवार, 30 मई 2017

What is freedom?

Freedom is the ecology which enables every person to realise his or her potential substantially. The extent of freedom people have determines the strength of their persona, their drive for initiatives and enterprise. The test of the state of freedom is that each person is in command of his or her life. None serves mere as the means to other person's end. Freedom in this sense is a mutual obligation. Free societies are progressive societies as they innovate continuously. Such societies are also prosperous and as a collective they command power. Now come to the ground level of free existence. Such societies cannot be other than capitalist ones and thereby democratic. And for such societies, nothing is more sacrosanct than an individual, her dignity and autonomy. 

Niraj Kumar Jha

बुधवार, 24 मई 2017

Under animal attack

These hounds
When sink
Their teeth into your flesh,
They do so not for their morsel,
But wanna kill your spirits,
And have their sway.
With their barks and bites
They demean
All and sundry,
Meaning included.
Let me warn you my friends!
They stir whirlpools
Of meaninglessness, 

And these suck unsparingly
Naïve or guilty alike.
My friends,
Beware of them, my friends!

Niraj Kumar Jha