सोमवार, 8 अक्तूबर 2018

My Fundamentalism

Our all collective commissions and ommissions are either capital generative or capital destructive. If capital destruction crosses a certain threshold, it's only miseries all around.

Niraj Kumar Jha

रविवार, 7 अक्तूबर 2018

शनिवार, 6 अक्तूबर 2018

Human Dignity

One fights for human dignity not because people are crying out for it. It's for the opposite reason that there is hardly anyone caring for human dignity. The crisis, however, has very ominious implications. In fact, the people bereft of human dignity are behind most of the social ills.

Niraj Kumar Jha

Theocratism and Ideocratism

I distaste theocratism and ideocratism not for the obvious reason that they resort to pseudoreasoaning, but for the reason that they vulgarise disciplines and in turn brutalise life itself.

Niraj Kumar Jha

शुक्रवार, 5 अक्तूबर 2018

Poverty of Pedagogy

Our pedagogy is mostly an exhoration for every pupil to attain greatness. It fails to explain that heroism and heroes are mostly about chances and circumstances respectively. And, it ends up demeaning very normal people, in general.

Niraj Kumar Jha

Please Don't Blame the Social Media.

The worst riots, wars, genocides and so many other bad things occurred before the advent of social media. We cannot blame, if we see thoughtfully, the social media for social ills and conflicts. Humanity in no case was better before the advent of soical media. Hence, there is no reason to call for suppressing the media. Ralther people should be allowed to express as they feel without any restriction. It has two clear benefits. First, we know how do different people feel, and thus we have very raw data for understanding and working social relations. And secondly, the media in place of fomenting troubles, in fact, lessens the chances of troubles as it helps people to release their suppressed angers. The good people can always engage with such roguish arguers and help them to see reason. Otherwise, they would definitely be lost cases. And certainly one can argue sensibly to spread good ideas even without engaging in verbal duels with equal effect.The bottom-line (here very literally) is that people engaged in free and frank exchanges would be wiser sooner or later, and the society would be better.

Niraj Kumar Jha