सोमवार, 13 फ़रवरी 2017

Universal Citizenship Allowance

I conceptualise the idea of universal basic income as the universal citizenship allowance (UCA) as it is going to be country specific till or unless all the people come under a global government. If the UCA is implemented in the proper sense, i.e., it is universal and not targeted, and the income is such that it covers all the basic needs of an average middle class person, then it is going to revolutionise the way humanity has lived so far. It is quite feasible because the allowance would make most of the welfare functions of the state redundant. However, in addition it will also necessitate and facilitate universal taxation. Onwards, none of the human beings would strive for survival but all would only work for excellence. I can foresee the onset of a new era of substantive egalitarianism and very creative liberation. And it is going to happen; it is inevitable.

Niraj Kumar Jha