गुरुवार, 30 जुलाई 2015

I think ...

I think that I should also think and talk about much needed economic turnaround, cultural renaissance, intellectual surge, social equity and security. I should also share thoughts on the needs and ways of and hindrances to economic reforms, educational renovation, justice, harmony and the freest possible atmosphere for debate. I have also made this a serious issue to train and equip my mind for reflecting on complex issues. I do need to resolve that I must rise above the binary vision of the things around. I know that I don't know things and finality defies everything. The crises which torment us, must be met squarely and with force but that must not consume us as a creative, responsive and responsible people . And a fight is never to the finish. A fight always paves the way for a new beginning, a fresh engagement, which does demand some residual goodwill for our own good. I don't think that I should ever forget the abysmal poverty and indignities common folks have to bear around me. I also must not forget that I am a member of the professoriat and I don't have the privilege of flaunting my ignorance.

- Niraj Kumar Jha

शनिवार, 25 जुलाई 2015

Leftist Forces

Tragically leftist forces are regrouping in India.I have admired them and still admire them for their courage, conviction and concern for the poor. But the point is that they are positive only till the point they remain at the margins as the critique of mainstream but if they somehow become the mainstream, they are a colossal disaster. The Christian missionaries love the suffering people because they feel that by serving the wretched they are serving the God. The same is true with Leftism. They love the people in wretchedness so that they can carry out the politics of belligerence, which is their credo with lofty nomenclatures like Revolution. In fact Leftism is Christianity reborn in the age of secularisation. It is the ominous grip of Leftism, which has vitiated the capitalist development in India. Crony capitalism, the undoing of capitalism, is simply the antithesis of the prevalence of the Leftist ideology in India because it has denied legitimacy to capitalism here. I reason with responsibility that Leftism is not only akin to Christianity (the crusading one) but also to feudalism, because it lionises a class (here not a class related to property distribution but a psychological category), which is not productive, least creative and yet wishes to lord over all and sundry. The phenomenon is the resurfacing of mediaevalism in full. What we should do is to fight against the forces which are subverting capitalism rather than fighting capitalism per se. As far as my personal standing is concerned, I want dignity being bestowed on every being, not only human beings, but every living being and all the elements of nature, therefore I am a Sanatani, and want nobody to be a poor therefore I am a liberal.

- Niraj Kumar Jha

रविवार, 19 जुलाई 2015

आप बेमिसाल और लाजवाब हैं

सवाल हैं आपके
जवाब भी आपके
सवाल ऐसे
जिनके जवाब नहीं है
जवाब भी
बिना सवालों के हैं
मुकम्मल दोनों अपने-आप हैं
शख्सियत ही आपकी ऐसी है
आप ख़ुद ही सवाल हैं
जिसका जवाब नहीं है
आप जवाब भी हैं
जो किसी सवाल का नहीं है
आप टुकड़ों-टुकड़ों में
पूरे-पूरे हैं
आप बेमिसाल हैं
आप लाजवाब हैं

- नीरज कुमार झा