रविवार, 8 जून 2014

If You Are Truthful

If you are truthful,
You belong to none,
But to yourself.
This is an age
When deceit is the character.
That's natural to most of them.
People don't see people,
Who may be truthful,
With suspicion.
They are dead sure of
Their wickedness.
For most of them
Anything animate or inanimate
Is a matter for use.
Exhausted of usability
A person becomes a pariah
If you are humane,
That's an added liability.
People enjoy finding
A soft target,
With whom
They can let loose
Their all lust and wickedness,
And the venom
To test its effect
As they sense the obvious impunity.
Self-respect is a baggage,
Which hardly one can carry.
Be haughty or submissive
As the occasion demands,
This is how people live.
You can't afford dignity,
In times, when nothing attracts more derision
Than this stupid thing.
If you are incorrigibly truthful,
And also humane,
And have self-respect,
Do imbibe some vileness,
To dilute all these.
Otherwise like pure gold,
You are going to vanish,
By rubbing around with
Rugged and rough objects.