गुरुवार, 30 जुलाई 2015

I think ...

I think that I should also think and talk about much needed economic turnaround, cultural renaissance, intellectual surge, social equity and security. I should also share thoughts on the needs and ways of and hindrances to economic reforms, educational renovation, justice, harmony and the freest possible atmosphere for debate. I have also made this a serious issue to train and equip my mind for reflecting on complex issues. I do need to resolve that I must rise above the binary vision of the things around. I know that I don't know things and finality defies everything. The crises which torment us, must be met squarely and with force but that must not consume us as a creative, responsive and responsible people . And a fight is never to the finish. A fight always paves the way for a new beginning, a fresh engagement, which does demand some residual goodwill for our own good. I don't think that I should ever forget the abysmal poverty and indignities common folks have to bear around me. I also must not forget that I am a member of the professoriat and I don't have the privilege of flaunting my ignorance.

- Niraj Kumar Jha

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