मंगलवार, 31 मई 2016

Population as a Problem

Too many still believe in India that the biggest problem of the country is its population. It's the weirdest of beliefs one can have. By implication the concerned person finds his or her own being as the country's most critical problem. And see who can be blamed for this? - his parents only. The fact is that the rise of population was never a problem and nor it is today. Now the wisdom has dawned on the people in the helm and many profusely talk of the demographic dividend India has today. Why was this then projected as the root problem causing all sorts of problem like poverty, illiteracy and prevalence of diseases etc (and for that matter to be inserted into school textbooks to make it part of people's inherent wisdom or unwisdom)? The answer is that the paternalistic regimes of the day with their socialistic totalitarian tools were forwarding this slanderous alibi in order to explain the effects of their own making, i.e. the large scale poverty and other associated issues. In other words, they were shifting the blame of their failure to the hapless parents of India. And most strangely, the people accepted this thesis. The enormity of the credulity gives me goosebumps.


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