सोमवार, 6 जून 2016

Is discussing socio-political issues useless?

What's the use of discussing all these! Nothing is going to change. Often people at the end of discussing problems with politics and society thus exclaim in desperation. This is indeed a very sorry misconception. Social change is continuously happening and if some dimensions of it are not likable, it's only because that things have not been deliberated enough. As I'm concerned, I do see that a lot of ills afflicting us persist simply because of our sheer ignorance. A deliberating and discerning public is what we need for democracy to flourish. Every gesture, every word, the most private gossip do matter. Each of this is affected by social currents and each affects social currents. Each of us is an agent of change. And when we are on social media, our mark becomes indelible. Any word heard by another is in public domain. Only thing we need to make our deliberations more fructuous is to deliberate more. 

Sometimes we feel that we have been befooled as a citizen or a consumer or a devotee or in any of our myriad roles and the people who do this to us dare to do so only because of our gullibility. The only remedy is that we must know more and we must talk more.

- Niraj Kumar Jha

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