मंगलवार, 25 अप्रैल 2017

The Tyranny of the Meanings

The meanings are the floating vessels in the ocean of infinity, on which we rest. We must not forget ultimately that they are after all the floats in the endlessness of meaninglessness. But most unfortunately, some assume the custodianship of the meanings and start issuing diktats in the name of meanings. True, these  are meanings, which provision our lives, but they cannot be used to enslave us, the creators and upholders of the meanings, in the name of these meanings. They must be reminded of the ocean, where everything is nothing and nothing is everything. 

We must always be conscious of the meaninglessness which is the inevitable aspect of our existence so as not to surrender ourselves to the tyranny of meanings. 

We the Sanatanis always had the answer against the tyranny of meanings - 


Niraj Kumar Jha 

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