शनिवार, 20 अक्तूबर 2018

Freedom Is Not Fun

Freedom, people think, is all about merry making. It is assumed to mean to do what one likes. This is a great error of perception. Basically, freedom is all about responsibilities. Being free is, in fact, not even a state of being. It is only continuous striving, intellectual and physical, personal and collective. The fact is that only slaves have the benefit of being free of responsibilities. Enjoying life is a legitimate goal of life. But despite our indulgences, even in the best way what we can imagine, there always remains an inexplicable sense of void, an irritant feeling of something not being to our liking. We try more and more to fill the void, to remove the irritant, but it simply does not go away. Why is it so? The simple answer is – we are not free. In fact, we have a wrong perception of freedom. It is because our indulgences replace of strivings. 

What is freedom then? Freedom is about one’s dignity, and of others’. It is what the people of devious instinct distaste. And, it thus becomes our unending endeavour – holding on to our dignified existence in association with others. In dignity we have freedom. 


1. Merry making is not bad at all but it should not be at the cost of one’s or other’s dignity. 
2. Why do we have bad people? We have it. 
3. Rights are responsibilities, and responsibilities are rights.

Niraj Kumar Jha

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