मंगलवार, 5 मई 2015


Indian media (mainly the electronic) has been on the firing line for quite some time, particularly in social media. This is bizarre because to me the media is not the fourth estate or the fourth pillar of democracy, but it is the mainstay of freedom and democracy. Indian media has been fighting for these for quite a long time. They fought the Brits and later all attempts of scuffling democracy in India. The beauty of all these is that they have done this under private ownerships, which have their commercial interests to guard. The journalistic profession deserves unqualified eulogy for its valiant efforts all the way and in particular I would salute the field journalists who brave a lot of hardships and risks. At the same it is also true that a large number of them are black ships and many of them lack culture. But this is so commonplace in all walks of life, applies to almost all professions in the country. The question is why is the media being singled out? First, for the reason that they are doing something and secondly and more importantly, by being the agents of freedom on the basis of the very nature of the profession, the agency is always at the target of the powers that be and people who largely find their comfort zones in the spaces of unfreedom and love to side with positions of power, find media irritating and jump on the slightest slippages of the agency. This is ironical and unfortunate that the media is tarnished as a whole. To me what should be bemoaned is the very flawed processes of our acculturation, our system of education, which is throwing out half baked individuals in every walk of life.

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