रविवार, 18 सितंबर 2016

Capitalist Dictatorship

Among different forms of dictatorship, one is capitalist dictatorship. The countries where such dictatorship exists, even natural water sources have been monopolised by the capitalists and people have no recourse to oppose them. But in these countries, democratic apparatuses also mutate into dictatorship so inconspicuously. 

In India, if democracy flourishes, it's because of our civilizational values. It's floundering in its immediate neighbouring countries and mostly in the entire South. Even in the North, many countries have effectively resisted democratization. And wherever we have full fledged democracy, the powerful grip of vested interests like those of military-industrial complexes and big corporations cannot be mistaken. The values which sustain democracy in India have been the work of generations of seers, scholars, and litterateurs over millennia. 

My point is to reassure my compatriots that capitalism in India would be of the most beneficent effect, which would make not only India but the whole world a far better place. It was our shreshthis who gave Buddha and Mahavira to the world. Let's adopt the way of overcoming our wants, and we will civilize the rest. We need not to fear depravation. We are Sanatanis. 

However, we must not forget while propagating or living free market that personal security and fundamental freedoms must never be compromised. We must have a system by which every person in any state must be provided for food, water, clothing, shelter, education, medication, and protection from violence. A universal citizenship allowance directly deposited into each one's bank account would be the most appropriate thing. 

Niraj Kumar Jha

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