सोमवार, 7 नवंबर 2016

"A ruler with a contiguous territory is a rival." - Chanakya

Our pundits of international politics say that a country cannot choose its neighbours and the message thus they have is that we should make all possible efforts to make our neighbours friendly. This is an absolutely wrong policy. Friendly postures and undue concessions are hardly valued in international politics. Nations try to appease only a power which is capable and inclined to threaten them or to inflict damages on them.

Secondly, if you cannot change geography, so you cannot change history. What Chanakya has observed is the logical basic but we face threats and aggressions much deeper and more complicated by their nature. We are treated as a naturally subservient civilization, which every other is seeking to subdue. This is our history and this is the present scenario. Our rise as a powerful and prosperous nation is the most anathematic thing to happen for them.

From the day one, India should  have done everything not only to fortify its borders but also to develop global striking capabilities. For some strange reasons, the single most crucial and critical lesson of our entire history was totally ignored from the very start. Some would say very foolishly that India as a poor nation would not have afforded this. How to leverage armed forces, war machine and military industry for economic gains should have been a simple economics for a big nation like India. India also allowed the massive military experiences it had gained during the two great wars to go totally wasted.   

We want peace and our efforts in order to be effective must be global. But for that we need the greatest war machine ever created. One should also know that this would be the accomplishment of only brains. We must do everything to nurse the great minds.


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