मंगलवार, 22 नवंबर 2016

Enlightened Self Interest

Mostly a middle class person is a spokesperson for the poor - a notional poor. Ironically, the so called poor knows what is good for them, but a middle class person doesn't. It would have been better if every status group were speaking for themselves instead of speaking for the others. Generally, they don't have expertise and they speak their own misconceptions and prejudices, and while doing so they inadvertently drown the genuine voices. You need to support voices coming from the sufferers or you can speak for the sake of who don't have their own voices, but for that you need to have authentic information about them. Moral of the story is that you speak what you know the best. And it's mostly you yourself. An enlightened pursuance of self-interest is the best thing you can do for the good of your polity and the humanity.

Niraj Kumar Jha

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