गुरुवार, 24 नवंबर 2016

The ‘Secular’ State and the Light of Wisdom

If we qualify the term ‘state’ by putting the adjective ‘secular’ before it, the adjective is totally superfluous. State by itself is a secular entity. It is the product of secularism and it invariably espouses secularism. The crux of secularism is that the state is the most powerful of institutions, and with the rise of secularism, it had superseded its contender, i.e. religion as the supreme power. But the fact remains; theology continues to define the nature of every state, communist states included. They were a cult of godlessness. 

In other words, the states do not have the sway, particularly in its internal matters, which it should been having as the supreme authority as religion continues to guide the morals of the people. But they differ in extent. The State ideally is the home of homo economicus. A real secular soil is where market is free and fair. Only place where market relations supersede others in the public relations is really secular.

As per the Dharmic norms, secularism is again superfluous. Dharma in our context is the supreme and governs both the morals and the market. We need to imbibe the Dharma of knowledge and the knowledge of Dharma. We the genetically enlightened people of the world must undo the genetic modification in order to show the world the light of the wisdom. 

Niraj Kumar Jha

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