रविवार, 30 जुलाई 2017

Lord Vibhishana

I found a commentator on facebook invoking the role Lord Vibhishna played in restoring Lanka to dharma in a very pejorative way in the context of events which unfolded in Bihar. As per a popular maxim Lord Vibhisana is depicted as a traitor who led to the destruction of his homeland Lanka. This is the most inappropriate and mischievous way of looking at the role of the great sage - Lord Vibhishana. The Lord was a great devotee and knew exactly what dharma was and had unfailingly put his wisdom and might on the side of dharma and only it was his sagacity that earned him the most affectionate friendship of Lord Ram, the Supreme Being Himself. The nutshell of the saga is simple - the greater dharma supersedes smaller dharma. This is the message one should imbibe and refrain from going after naughty or non-nonsensical popular sayings. The so-called Vibhishana of Bihar today deserves only our praises as he restored Bihar to the prospect of better governance.

Niraj Kumar Jha

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