शुक्रवार, 23 जून 2017

Equality of Opportunities

The idea of the equality of opportunity is another variant of the leftist gibberish. I need to expose this dangerous idea which the leftists have propagated over all these decades. First thing is that the idea is not feasible and the undeniable and mammoth proof of that is the prolonged Indian experimentation with this objective prior to 1991. That year the model simply collapsed as the model was not workable. The problem is that the idea is hardly different from the one which the Bolsheviks perpetrated behind their iron curtains. The idea for realization needs similar massive buildup which is ultimately doomed for a massive failure but meanwhile plays havoc with the people subjected to the project. Now the next question - what about opportunities? The general belief is that the opportunities are always limited and that should be equalized in availability. This is a huge misconception. A society which ensures freedom - and entrepreneurial freedom is the substance of that - generates abundance of opportunities and every people get what they deserve and strive for.

(This micro write-up suffices for the educated to get rid of this misconception prevailing for a very long time. Whenever I write about the chicanery behind the propagation of the idea of equality, people rush in to tell me about all this as if a naive needs some education.)

Niraj Kumar Jha

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