सोमवार, 19 जून 2017

Q. Why do people in general venerate foolish persons so fervently and value useless things so highly?

  • The limits of knowledge frighten folks and they invariably fall for the idiots.
  • The cunning people always form a vicious circle, which does not allow folks in general to think and act intelligently
  • Education system has been devised in a way that they reduce people's brain to calculating instruments and they fail to see the existential realities from a proper perspective.
  • Ideologies have swayed the minds of people over millennia. Power that be and ideologies which crop up from time to time have great hate and love relationship between them but they always enter into a very symbiotic relationship of mutual benefit.
  • Incapable of building good systems, people lack dignity and purpose in life and they go for trivialities for seeking fulfillment.
  • Our knowledge dissemination system is such that it nurses a false sense of being knowledgeable among all but provides little for people to acquire knowledge.
  • The culture is something which needs continuous critical appraisal but it is the travesty of human destiny that they put it on the highest pedestal. The holification of culture is the gravest of the human follies.
Niraj Kumar Jha 

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