शनिवार, 24 जून 2017

Media Freedom

The people in large numbers, including media persons, have been made to believe that the media is partisan and not free, and media-persons are largely dishonest. An odious term was also coined, which sought to denigrate the profession by comparing it to presumably another degraded profession.

The prevalence of this very debate proves that the media is largely free in this country and the media is not playing to any particular tune. If the media were not free, nobody would have raised this question or would have been able to do so. The conditions are just opposite and therefore there is so much intensity in the debate. But even the media does not concur with this fact. The media at this moment is at the receiving end of the psychological power-play.

The crucial thing we must know that the media is not just another pillar of democracy but it is the mainstay of democracy. If we are by and large safe on the streets or in our houses, we largely owe this to the media.

And we must get to the basics again. The media is largely a capitalist enterprise. The more evolved the capitalism, the freer would be the media. And we must be introspective too. Do we deserve a freer media? Isn't it that the media seeks to cater to our tastes?

Lastly, the crucial question - Are we responsible and honest citizens? Shouldn't we take our citizenship with some seriousness?

Niraj Kumar Jha

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