शनिवार, 3 जून 2017

On a Poser Whether Indians are Cowards

The boy's poser is a cliche which has stayed over time. The fact remains that we have not been as aggressive or brutal as other civilizations of the world are or have been. But nothing beyond that stands. As late as during the second world war, the Indians constituted the largest military ever raised in the history, and they fought with the best fighting forces of the world with aplomb. This is the answer the videoed speaker skirts. Secondly, it was not so that the Indians did not resist the invasions. The fact is that they only failed in their war efforts. The result of battling often depends on luck and chance. And this must be noted very carefully Mr Neel Kamal Pandey that a lost war has a very long term debilitating effect on the defeated civilization. Now let us come to the problem which continues as it has ever been and which I have been reiterating now and then. We need a very strong philosophical statesmanship, which we have lacking for a very long time. Perhaps we did not have anything like after the Guptas, Our last hope died at Talikota. Now I come again to the original question: Are Indians cowards? In the battlefield it is only the regimen which speaks, and in the civil life the bullies, rogues, bravehearts, cowards and meek all survive but the fact remains what largely we have as men and women as a society is a matter of social engineering.

Niraj Kumar Jha

(In response to a question raised in a video by a young person posted by Sh Neel Kamal Pandey ji)

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